Revival Ragnarok Online

Welcome to our server!

You can play our game on android and windows pcs do you want to experience nostalgia a server that does not lag or reset every other month.

App preview

Server features

Server Rates

Base Exp:100x Job Exp:100x Drop Rate:20x

Basic Information

We have stable fun community with many players online and no lag.

Languages Supported

All languages can be spoken with us!.

Supported Operating Systems

It can be played on windows pcs and android phone or tablets.

Customized Server

Our server has many custom items samples and questing is well balanced.

No Wipes No Lag

You probably know servers that die and reopen every other month with us you don't have to worry about that!

Watch our Video!

Here you can watch our video this is old video from our server we will change this in the future and update this to a new video!!!